Frequently Asked Questions


1. How will I know my reservation has been made and is secure?

Once I have made the reservation, I will send you a confirmation message with all the details. 

You will then be able to verify with westin (all the way up to arrival if you like), that the reservation has been made and that it is in your name, and is confirmed.  I will also send you my cell phone number so you can call me if you have any issues during the check-in process.   Finally, I have been listing units on many sites over the last 10 years and those listings would clearly have been removed long ago if I had had any issues - which I am pleased to say that I have had none since I started this in 2004!


2. Is Christmas week or New years available?

Occasionally I do have units for the last two weeks of the year BUT, these reservations must be for exactly 7 nights because of the reservation rules at this resort.


3. What about Spring Break/Easter, Presidents weekend, Thanksgiving and Summer?

These weeks are all available to rent but they must be reserved almost 12 months in advance to get them.  If you are less than 8 months in advance, these dates will be very hard to get - timing is everything.  I am willing to check for you and also willing to put you on a wait list if you like.


4. How much is a two Bedroom?


5. Will a studio be big enough for my family?

The studio is much like a very large hotel room with a kitchenette in it.  Check out the floor plans at the ROOMS link to see for yourself. Please note that the layout, size and balcony differ for the studio between the North property and the original property

Check out the pictures in the gallery to see photos of each unit.


6. How many people will each room accomodate?

Whether you are renting a studio or a one bedroom, EVERY room is configured to accomodate 4 people. There is a king bed in every unit and there is a pull out couch. The couch is smaller in the studio, more of a double and the couch in the 1br is closer to a queen. You can also add a roll-away bed in the room but that wont work so well with the couch extended.


7. What additional fees will I have to pay at the condo?

There are no additional fees.  Parking is free and so is internet access. If your reservation is for less than 7 nights, it is possible that there will be an additional housekeep fee of between $30-50 (depending on unit size) added to your folio, but that is not always charged and is fairly unpredictable. Also, although it is called a housekeeping fee, it actually means you pay a fee and dont get housekeeing because the stay is shorter than a full week.


8. Do you accept paypal?  Do you accept credit cards.

Yes.  I accept paypal for the $100 deposit.

For the balance, you have three options. The balance is due within two weeks of receiving the confirmation from me.

  1. You can send a check. I will send you my address with the confirmation and payment instructions.
  2. You can pay via PayPal using Credit Card. There is a 3% fee charged by PayPal for this payment method. Please add this amount to your total if you pay by credit card.
  3. I also accept Chase Quickpay. This is like paypal but there is no fee and you do not have to be a Chase customer


9. Do I need to sit through a presentation?

No, absolutely not. 

On the other hand, you will be invited to by the concierge and they will give you starwood points to do so.  If by some chance you end up buying one of these units, I will give you $100 if you list me as the referring owner - this is true whether you rent from me or not!


10. Please explain the Westin Hotel vs Westin Condo and what is the deal with the pools?

It is confusing but there are three westin properties in Kaanapali.  

First, there is the Westin Maui Hotel and Spa.  This is a Hotel and is located about 1/4 mile south of black rock on Kaanapali beach and about a mile from the condo. 

Second, there are two Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas.  One is referred to as "the original" or "south" and the other one is referred to as the "north".   They both comprise the condos that I have for rent.  I can reserve at either. Both of these properties sit together on one large parcel of land about 1/4 mile North of black rock (in the opposite direction from the hotel).  All facilities at each of the condos are available to the other condo.  The only thing you cannot do while staying at the condo is use the Westin Hotel pool.  The Hotel guest cannot use the condo pools either.  At the condo, there are a total of 4 pools, multiple hot tubs and the pirate ship everyone talks about.  There is also a waterslide.  Both properties are right on the beach.   You do have charging privileges for food, etc at the Westin Hotel and there is a shuttle that runs between the hotel and the condo (and downtown Lahaina too).  Finally, and not to confuse things, but the Sheraton Maui, another Starwood Hotel, situated in front of black rock, plays to all the same rules as the Westin Maui Hotel and spa.

Finally, please be aware that if you stay in the hotel or even rent a condo directly from Westin, there is a 14% tax collected in addition to the room rate. My units only have the small daily fee referred to in question 7 above.

11. What advice do you have for someone who has never been to Maui?

The most basic and simple advice is to buy the book Maui Revealed.  This is by far the best book on the subject and it is the only guide book you will need.


12. Can I get a guaranteed Ocean View Room?  What about Ocean Front?

I can guarantee you an ocean view room if the reservation is made 8 months or more in advance.  This is the same rule for all owners.  Since I own so many units, they do a pretty good job of giving me a good room even if I reserve less than 8 months in advance but any request for a better view or certain location, is just that, a request.   I do not have any ocean front rooms at this time - because when I went to buy my first units at this property, I did not feel that the ocean front room was worth the additional expense - and I still feel that way.  The ocean view rooms are terrific.

I should also note that, even as the owner, I cannot tell you the specific unit you will be assigned.  In addition, if the reservation is made less than 8 months prior to arrival, I will also not be able to confirm the view.  In both cases, you will not know exactly until the day of arrival at the resort.  This is the same deal for all owners.  The ONLY way to get a guarantee is if the reservation was made more than 8 months in advance.


13. Which part of the condo should I reserve in, North or South?

I am not sure it matters much as you will have complete access to the entire complex, including both the North and South facilities, which are connected on one parcel of land.

There are a few differences however.

  1. Studio units in the North have balconies, the south does not. There are many units at the south property that do have balconies, but every studio unit in the North does.
  2. The rooms, both studio and 1 bedroom, at the north are smaller than the south.
  3. There are no island view rooms at the North, however, some of the rooms face the interior of the complex and effectively have neither an island or ocean view.
  4. At this point there is no difference in terms of age as both properties have already gone through upgrades and refurbishments.
  5. The slide is at the pool at the south and the pirate ship is at the pool located between the north and the south.
  6. Some people feel that the North feels more closed in and cramp. It has more units and is designed differently and every room has a different perspective. There are fewer room variations at the south.
14. I am a member of Starwood Preferred guest, will that help with an upgrade?

Unfortunately, your status as an SPG member matters very little at the condo.  Rooms are assigned based on the owner status with the condo, not even the owner status with SPG.  Therefore, if you are an SPG member, be sure to give them your number at check in - you will receive points for incidental expenses, but that is it.


15. Can I get a crib or a rollaway?

Yes, but please let me know that at the time of making the reservation.  There may be an additional fee for this charged by the resort.  You can confirm at check in.


16. What is your cancellation policy?

I am willing to refund your payment if you need to cancel your reservation for some reason.  There are some caveats however.  First, you will get your payment, less $100 for each reservation number (regardless of the number of $100 deposits you submitted to me).  Also, you will only get the payment back if (and when) I am able to re-rent the unit.  For the most part, I have until 12/15 to re-rent your unit.  The earlier in the year you cancel, the more likely it will be to re-rent.   You are also welcome to try to re-rent the unit for the original dates or for other dates available at the condo.  Be advised however, if you cancel less than 60 days in advance, Westin restricts the re-reservation to a rolling 60 days in advance from that point forward - this has the potential of limiting the possibility of being able to match availability dates within that time frame.

Finally, I am also willing in certain circumstances to roll your use forward by one year to accommodate changes.

Any change fees charged by the condo will also be your responsibility for any changes. Currently this amount is $50.

17. Can I reserve a pool side cabana?

Yes.  Just call the condo directly and ask for the concierge desk.  You can only do this 30 days in advance.  The rate for the 2 chair variety is $45/day and the 4 chair tent is $85/day


18. Is the resort right on the beach?

Yes! Take a look at the picture used as the background for this web site page to get an idea.


19. How do I get to the Condo?

There are two airports on Maui.

  • JHM - Kapalua - This airport is just a mile away and is incredibly convenient. The catch is that only Island Air flies there and it is via Honolulu on Turbo Props. The fare is slightly more expensive, but you can't beat the convenience. Rental car companies are nearby and will pick you up. I hate budget everywhere on the planet but they are a decent option here due to their closeness. Avis would be second and Hertz is located in Lahaina.
  • OGG - Kahalui - This is the main airport and is about 45 minutes away, completely on the other side of the island. You can fly most places non-stop from here and every rental car company is here. Be sure to check in early for your flight as all the mainland flights leave at the same time and security backs up. They do not offer CLEAR.
20. How does housekeeping work
Housekeeping is provided once in the middle of a seven night stay. It is more of a tiddy than a full clean. If you would like to pay for additional cleaning, you can arrange that at the front desk. The rate is about $40 per clean.